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Tacie KyleNHPC 8628


Tacie Kyle is a body worker and an energy worker, and believes that there is never an end to learning, whether is from others or through courses. She has been member of the NHPC since 2003.

From her own life experiences, as well as those close to her, Tacie is a strong believer that healing can be achieved by addressing the root of the concern through a wholistic approach, whether it is spiritual, physical, emotional or mental.

Her interest in helping others obtain their highest level of wellness began when she was a child. As she needed to understand her abilities, Tacie started her journey in holistic health in 2000, when she learned Reiki.

She decided to study massage therapy when she saw firsthand how much it heals people when combined with energy work, so she continued her journey for learning to heal by taking her Massage Therapy Training and basic aromatherapy training - she graduated in 2003 from Aromatherapy Wholistic Centre (in Edmonton, AB).

In 2010, Tacie learned Myofascial Cupping (with David Sheehan in Edmonton, AB), and learned two new energy modalities - Yuen Method & Millennium Method (with Jessica Taylor, in Calgary, AB).

Tacie life was turned around by receiving an Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy™ (ATMAT) treatment in 2011 - she suffered for almost 20 years with menstrual problems, being seen by many medical professionals, who all advised many times that she should have a full hysterectomy. When she received her ATMAT treatments, she was amazed that after a few treatments (with her self care) that she no longer lived with pain. At that point she knew she needed to learn this modality to help others who suffer from various abdominal pain. She took her training (in USA) and became an ATMAT practitioner in 2012. Since this time, she has been working with men and women of all ages to address various concerns which include (but not limited to) fertility, digestive, menstrual, and erectile concerns.

In 2013, Tacie found out that she was expecting, so she decided to take her training for Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage (with Janine Gotzke at Seminars for Health in Calgary, AB).

With regulations changing, Tacie decided to return back to school to take her massage therapy training over again, and enrolled into the two year 2200 hr program with MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy, as she was just shy in her original training of 2200 hrs. When asked why she chose to do the whole program over again, she replied 'why not? The knowledge that I learn in the program for things that may have changed over the last 10 yrs has probably changed, or I probably forgot some of it - education is a gift. Clients have insurance to cover treatments, so why not upgrade so that you can offer them the treatments that they may deny themselves to receive without their insurance coverage ?'

Her final exams will be written at the end of June, 2015, when clients will be able to submit receipts to their insurance for coverage.

To book your appointment, please contact Tacie by phoning 780.777.0951 or send an email to countryhealthwellness@gmail.com